Meet the team

Photo: Scott Baron

Janie Meikle Bland

Janie is from the West of Scotland and works in youth and community development. She established her social enterprise, Picture the Possible, after returning to Stirling after a spell living abroad where she ran volunteer projects raising funds for NGOs. Janie championed the first Stirling Photography Festival in 2018 and aims to get Stirling ON THE MAP for photography and for its power to create opportunities and positive change.


Rab is a photographer and designer from Stirling. He likes landscape photography but his passion is street photography and can often be found doing countless walking loops of Scotland’s cities. When he’s not making photos he’s working with a software company or helping small businesses with creative direction and strategy.


Nadia is a young German-Beninese university student with a passion for film, fashion and music. She joined the young creative team after seeing a facebook shout-out in May of 2018, and has been a committed member ever since. Starting out as a volunteer she will now be heading marketing and events for the festival.

Headshots by Sonja Blietschau

Our festival is only possible with the passion and creativity of our volunteers. This Creative Team members all share generously their ideas, skills, contacts and enthusiasm always delivering a fabulous experience for all who take part.

Stirling Photography Festival Creative Team Volunteers 2018-2021

Sonja Blietschau

Zephyra Durkin

Lindsay Forsyth

Laura Fyfe

Rab Fyfe

Tony-Jake Green

Alan Gunning

Lauren Gunning

Julie Howden

Jim Huntsman

Brett Landles

Sam McDiarmid

Janie Meikle Bland

John Patton

Amanda Pollock

Fiona Read

Nadia Schneider

Megan Sharpe

Bill Sweeney

Annette Sproul

Nicole Van Weert